Happy Client Voices

“I booked a RTT Hypnotherapy session with Sabine when my stress levels reached an all-time high. The session was amazing, and Sabine made me feel at ease and in control throughout the whole experience. I felt already a significant shift and release during the session, and my insights made so much sense. Right after the session, I felt relaxed and great about myself and experienced a sense of calm and peace that I never felt before.  The most notable changes that I see in my daily life are an increased appreciation for myself and a massive rise in confidence and self-belief. My emotions have settled, and I move lighter, calmer and with more joy through life. I feel really balanced now, and I am excited about what the future holds for me.  I highly recommend RTT Hypnotherapy with Sabine to everyone who needs to heal from emotional wounds and who wants to upgrade their mindset to live a happier life without limiting beliefs. Thanks again, Sabine.”


“At first, I wasn’t sure that RTT Hypnotherapy would be right for me because I felt intimidated by the thought of having to expose and face old emotional wounds again. However, I found the RTT experience with Sabine to be the most amazing, relaxing and ‘pain-free’ way I have ever tried to overcome inner unhelpful blocks. I came out of my session feeling like a new woman – it felt like I was even standing taller and a lot of tension in the body was released. Since then, I took on important business decisions with renewed confidence and self-belief, I have been sleeping better most days, and my eating habits have become more balanced again. Thank you, Sabine. I will definitely recommend this therapy to others.”


“Sabine was very professional, thoughtful and caring. I felt very comfortable to open up and being guided by her. I now feel more empowered and confident to continue my life with a new vision: I’m capable and worthy.
RTT Hypnotherapy has supported me very well, and I recommend it without hesitation.”

B. A.

“I found the RTT Hypnotherapy experience with Sabine enlightening. I always felt very relaxed and happy after the sessions.
Listening to my personal recordings helped me to manage my cravings and anxieties much more easily. Challenging work situations seem to stress me less these days and my confidence level has increased. I have also noticed that my skin rash that appeared since I was young when I felt stressed has decreased significantly since the session. I find I can ignore the large box of sweet stuff at work now, which helps me to make healthier snack choices. Being more aware of my hunger and fullness signals, makes me feel more empowered around food and it is starting to become easier to adjust portion sizes according to my needs. Very happy with the progress so far and would recommend this therapy to anyone.”

Joe C.

“I highly recommend Sabine to anyone who is considering Rapid Transformational Therapy. Following the session, I found myself with fresh energy. Even some physical pain was relieved. I became more comfortable with myself, and had the confidence to take on new challenges or stressful situations. More importantly, there was an internal emotional shift that has positively impacted my life.” 


“I felt increasingly exhausted, stressed out and somewhat stuck regarding certain aspects happening in my personal and professional life when I decided to try Rapid Transformational Therapy. Sabine was very kind and professional and I felt relaxed and at ease throughout my session even though we worked through some deep stuff. I left the session feeling good and much lighter. The most significant change I have noticed in my life, a month after the RTT session, has been that I am much calmer and approach everyday situations with ease. I feel I am less stressed or anxious when life gets busy or when things don’t happen quite to plan. As a result, I achieve more and have better relationships with my children and my husband.”

M. Amann

“I had the privilege of working with Sabine and I have to say, I’m blown away.  The time and care she took to get to know me, and my underlying issues that I came to work on impressed me.  I’m moved by where our sessions led me, into times in my life that I would have never uncovered!  The relief in getting these incidences complete in my life and letting them go was masterfully guided by Sabine.  I literally felt a weight lift from my shoulders when we were done.  

Sabine is a skilled RTT Hypnotherapist who is able to cut through the mental and emotional blocks getting in the way of your full potential. My relationship with food has drastically improved after only 2 RTT sessions and constant thoughts about food are a thing of the past. I feel positive and in charge about my food choices now.

I highly recommend anyone looking for breakthroughs in any area of life to work with Sabine. You’ll be glad you did!”   

C. S.

“I wanted to try RTT Hypnotherapy to help me boost my confidence and self-belief and to become better at sound decision-making and standing up for my needs and goals in my private and professional life. RTT with Sabine was a great experience and I found the session really helpful. Sabine was very understanding and guided the session so well. I felt and still feel I am in best hands finding my way.”

A. K.

“After a medically challenging pregnancy and Emergency C-Section, bonding with my baby was difficult. I felt like failing as a mother. Just after one innerwise session with Sabine, bonding with my child felt natural, and ever since, both of us are very close.”


“I used to suffer from anxiety, fears, panic attacks and low confidence for most of my life. I also felt stuck in a job I did not like and worried a lot about everything. After a friend worked with Sabine, she recommended that I should see her, too.

My goal was to gain back control of my life, feel happier and calm, and prepare for an important career decision.

We worked with a combination of modalities, including RTT Hypnotherapy, innerwise and mindset coaching. I also received personalized nutrition advice to balance my hormones.

In every session, we worked on a different issue or aspect that needed to be addressed, removed or healed. All I can say is that RTT and innerwise truly transformed my life and I can see in my day-to-day life how much I have changed.

My fear and anxiety are gone. I am now interested in trying new things. I found the courage to apply for a new job and took a big step on my career ladder. I learnt how to eat a healthier and more balanced diet and my energy levels and mood have dramatically improved. Overall, I feel much lighter, calmer and clear-minded. I can voice my needs in my personal and professional life with confidence, and I simply feel so much happier and better about myself. I’m excited about life and what my future holds and feel nothing can stop me now from going after my goals.

I would recommend Sabine without hesitation to anyone who wants to work with a caring and skilled therapist, nutritionist and coach with a holistic approach. Thanks again, Sabine”


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